I had spent long years of dreams, ideas, preparations, troubles and joy before I made my first collection of designer jewellery, which I am proud to present to you. It is called FLOWERS AND ORNAMENTS.

The collection is inspired by flower motifs that I transformed into ornaments. Its main motif is a stylised flower called Clematis. Gentle floral patterns are gradually stylised from initial mirror-like symmetry to rosette ornaments.


All the jewels in this collection are based on a common motif, which takes various forms in each jewel. When designing my jewellery, I mix modern and traditional elements and I find uniqueness in symmetry, which is a basic principle of creating ornaments. And it is symmetry and ornaments that characterise my artwork.


All my jewels are polished and hand-made. The main material that I use is high-high-quality stainless steel that undergoes galvanic treatment and is plated with 23.5K gold of different shades. 


I hope that my jewels will appeal to you and that you will discover a charm of their floral symmetry. I have my own trademark Katarina Žiak®. Welcome to my workshop!


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