The story of my PIAFFE collection


I must admit that I began to produce art and design my own jewels by chance. Even as a little girl I wanted to do a lot of things. However, I always put dressage first. The fact that it was not very common and simple made it even more precious to me. Horses have always held a special place in my heart.




It is said that horses are uniquely beautiful and that their movement is absolutely graceful. I think that dressage horses prove this statement is true as together with their riders they can perform highly skilled movements to the rhythm of music with perfect elegance and dance grace.



Therefore, it is no surprise that I use also dressage horse motifs to make my jewels. The first jewel I made was a pendant with a horse motif. I had had this idea for a long time but I could not get a jewel that would perfectly fit my taste. All the “horse” jewels I had seen before lacked something. Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist and I search for excellence in everything. That is why I always spotted something I did not like in every pendant with a horse motif – legs that were too long, improper body proportions, too much glitter, etc. I could go on mentioning an endless list of the shortcomings I could always see. Eventually, I gave up looking for a perfect pendant as I was tired of being unable to find the one that would fit my taste. There is an irony in the fact that I was not wearing any pendant with a horse motif while I was doing dressage. 




I had to give up horse riding when I started to study at university because I was not able to balance tough training and competitions with my obligations at university.  I was angry then but now I do not regret anything. Thanks to this decision I found something I am fond of - I began to make my own jewels. 


Náušnice PIAF – kôň  -1.jpg

Each jewel from the PIAFFE collection depicts a minimalistic image of a moving horse performing the piaffe. The piaffe is a difficult dressage movement where the horse performs elevated diagonal movement as it was trotting on the spot.  


sz.jpg ► ► ► PIAFFE COLLECTIONSetrzýáí.jpg

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