The new jewellery collection is inspired by folk tradition and symbolism of folk ornaments that our grandmothers created and embroidered with great love.

With the help of a needle and a thread they were able to transfer the beauty of everyday life and festive days to the fabric.

Many hearts of young girls were delighted by the variety of embroidery and colour richness of each region.


The creation of this collection was inspired by folk embroidery from various regions of Slovakia:

  • 1st column - Trenčianska Teplá, Jablonica, Trnava, Piešťany, Čataj
  • 2nd column - Šoporňa, Liptovská osada, Liptovská Lužná, Detva, Torysky
vyšivky blog.jpg

The source of embroidery pictures: CHLUPOVÁ, Anna. Slovenská ľudová výšivka: techniky a ornamentika. Bratislava: Alfa, 1985.

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The source of embroidery pictures: Malované jehlou - M. Jánošová , Slovenské národnie ornamenty - P.B. Socháň , Slovenská ornamentika - Š.L. Kostelníček , O.Pisch - Sbírka predloh Moravského a Uhersko-Slovenského ornamentu , Slovenské ľudové vzory zo štyroch krajov Slovenska - D. Križko-Kardossová


As a sign of respect for all mothers, grandmothers, girls and women I would like to dedicate my "jewel heart" to all of them, because there is never enough tenderness and love, and each of us deserves to be loved.


Donation of  "jewel heart" means a big THANK YOU even without words...




Thank you for my life, thank you for your love, thank you that you are!

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