Memories hidden in paintings"


Nature itself creates art – we just have to look carefully…..

There are many ways to produce graphics. Production of graphics from digital photographs, from which I create paintings, attracted me the most. I focus especially on nature motifs. While creating my art, I use macro photography through which I try to capture amazing and unique nature images in all the seasons of the year. I take my camera whenever I go out to the countryside, whether it is a hiking trip in the mountains or just a stroll in the park.  

The paintings which I create reflect my memories of places, experiences or anything beautiful that captivated me. My paintings help me to keep memories of the moments that will never happen again in nature in the same way I experienced them. I use symmetry to enrich my paintings with harmony, stability and an eternal principle of visual balance that the symmetry evokes.

Nature offers limitless inspirations. It is not static as it changes constantly – it lives, breathes and reshapes itself. Nature revives but damages itself as well. It has its gentle but also wild side. It can be peaceful and boisterous, too. With the advent of spring, nature wakes up. It blazes in summer, paints the country with an endless variety of colours in autumn and subsides in winter to wake up again. 

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Photography art prints with a unique and modern style, coated with special UV stabilised clear resin, which gives them a flashy gloss finish and a high level of depth, definition, and richness of colour.

Types of resin coated prints:

1. Frameless prints (with a stainless-steel hanging system, which is not visible from the front side of the print) A modern design of frameless print without glass!


pozdrav z nebaa.jpg

2. Prints in a wooden floater frame (a thin black birch frame + 6cm ivory mount) Modern framing without glass! 




Prints are framed in a traditional way, using quality metal frames by the German brand Nielsen, 6cm ivory mounts, and glass. The frames are available in a variety of colour. Contact me to find out more.

The prints and frame types can be seen in the showroom of my studio at the following address: Strojárenská 46, 976 81 Valaská-Piesok, Slovakia. If you are interested in photography art prints and would like some more information, contact me via e-mail at 


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