Glasses chain – flower of life 1 + malachite

The glasses chain from the collection FLOWER OF LIFE is made of high-quality stainless steel with the thickness of 1 mm. The chain is enriched with small flower and green malachites. Attach it to your glasses with a silicone holder attached to a chain. The chain can be galvanically gold-plated by 23,5 carat gold in different color shades. The unique gift packaging is included.

If you are interested in another pendant in the chain – send me an email, any pendant in the size of 1-1,5 cm can be inserted into the chain.

pendant – 1,5 x 1,5 cm, chain length 80cm

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Flower of life

This ancient Slavic protective symbol bears many names nowadays. We know it as Perun’s star, Svarga, the flower of life, the solar circle, the hexagram, etc. This symbol has the form of a six- or eight-pointed rosette (sometimes inscribed in a circle). It is one of the oldest Slavic protective symbols, and was believed to protect from fire, storm, lightning, as well as war. It is also the symbol of Sun and light (the solar symbol). In the past, it was mainly associated with the Slavic god of storms, lightning, and thunder – Perun – who was worshipped as the bearer of lifegiving moisture and a solar deity.