Pearl necklace 2 heart ornamentalistics

Necklace from the collection SLOVAK FOLK ORNAMENTALISTICS is made of white freshwater pearls 6-7 mm in diameter. Pearls are stringed on a cord. Pendant is made of high-quality stainless steel thickness 1 mm. The jewellery can be galvanically gold-plated by 23,5 carat gold in different color shades. The unique gift packaging is included.

2 cm x 1,7 cm, pearls length: 40 cm + extension 7 cm

Slovak folk ornamentalistics

A jewellery collection inspired by Slovak folk ornaments and by the work of Slovak academic painter Štefan Leonard Kostelníček, who elevated Slovak folk ornamentalistics to the position of an important artistic artefact of fine-art culture. “Slovak ornamental decoration is an important part of Slovak culture — the expression of perception through ornamental drawings and paintings, and decoration using various techniques is a gift from God to the Slovak people.” Š. L. Kostelníček