Necklace Gatra 1 – chalcedony

Necklace from the collection GATRA – A FORGOTTEN TREASURE is made of  chalcedony gemstones 7-8 mm in diameter. Gemstone beads are stringed on a cord. Pendants are made of high-quality stainless steel thickness 1 mm. The jewellery might be galvanically gold-plated by 23,5 carat gold. The unique gift packaging is included.

3 circles: 3 cm x 3 cm + 4 cm x 4 cm + 3 cm x 3 cm, length 95 cm + 7 cm extension

If you have an interest in necklace in combination with another gemstone (rosewood, amethyst, malachit, onyx, lapis…) write an e-mail, please.

Gatra - A forgotten treasure

Uncovering a part of history and creating a new piece of jewellery is always a big challenge for me. Dubnica Museum had contacted me asking whether I could design a jewellery collection inspired by their embroidery. This collection is dedicated to the unique and incredibly difficult embroidery technique known as “gatra from Dubnica nad Váhom”, which is almost forgotten nowadays. Gatra came to Dubnica nad Váhom thanks to the well-known Izabella Group, which had one of its embroidery workshops in the Dubnica Mansion.